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About Tuatha De Danann Larethian Realm of the Seldane


We the  alfyr are sculptors and wardens of magic's endless mysteries. Let us bring forth the beauty that envelops and let the spirit gambol unfettered. Seek out new experiences and new ways. Ward against those that would destroy what they cannot create. Commune with the natural and mystical places. Still, let us be ever vigilant against the return of the banished darkness, and be strong in heart against all corruption” 

Description of the Guild of Larethian 

The Tuatha De Danann Larethian is an immersive Rp/social/event guild running with an alternate mythos and integrating with the existing GW2 mythology. This mythos combines elements of Norse, Japanese and Celtic mythology with elements of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings mythos to allow the players to take on the roles of Elves shifted into the world of Tyria. Characters claiming Alfyr heritage should all be of Sylvari or human builds with exceptions made only for those toons that could be considered half-elven by appearance.

The guild is open to ALL players and ALL RACES in the game as the Alfyr should be making allies amid the populous of Tyria. We also want several actual human and sylvari characters (who aren't elves) in play as well. 

The emphasis for the guild is fun for the players and as such we do not require mandatory time online, only that the players accept the mythology as presented and give some time to the guild. We are open to players more interested in doing instances and World vs World, as we have guild officers set up to do just that for those interested.



The characters of the guild are Wood Elves, transported from their native realm to Tyria by the will of their High god Corellon Larethian. The world of Tryia drew the attention of the Elven deity upon the creation of the Sylvari, who appear to have fae souls. This caused the Seldane to take interest in them and watch the development of the Sylvari. However, the appearance of the Nightmare court, they have become increasingly worried that the Sylvari would repeat the wars of the elven people in regards to the drow.  To prevent this, Corellon chose one of his direct descendants through his son, Manannán mac Lir, to lead a court from Álfheim in Tír na nÓg to Tyria. 

In Tyria, the elves of this court would use their knowledge, experience and skills to help guide their younger cousins and hopefully avert the past from repeating itself.

On the other side of this equation, Lolth, the spider-queen has also taken an interest in Tyria, going so far as to send her own avatar to this place to oppose the existing gods there and establish her worship among the Sylvari, especially those of the Nightmare court.

Guild Guidelines:

All players are expected to be courteous to each other and players within GW2

Occasionally represent the Guild during playtimes.

Maintain the IC mythology (you are free to talk OOC, but try to keep the mythology IC)

All characters are accepted as being over 18 (actively 150 in elf years), we are not sanctioning/banning types of role-play but remember you don't know the ages of everyone you might play with, so use common sense. Official plots will involve rp that all can participate in.

Major Plot Ideas for stories should be brought to House Lords or the guild leader, before starting.

Players move through ranks based on participation in weekly guild events, general contribution to guild growth (recruiting, helping with guild home building materials, guiding new players, etc), and RP until they become members of a house.

OOC issues with other players should be brought to one of the House Lords or the Guild leader to be resolved. In the event that the problem is with one of the Lords, all issues should come to the guild leader.  Continued problems will result in demotion or kicking from the guild altogether.

The Court of Larethian Tir Tairngire  (The Kingdom of Promise)

Corellon (the high King) Taken in homage to his deity and ancestor, the Corellon or High King is the ruler of the Court. His job is ruling of the court, promotion of those within and organization of the guild. He is the driving force of the court and has the final say in all disputes between members. [Guild Leader]

Moonbow (the high Queen) is the consort to the king and shares his power. She is his equal in all things and governs specifically over the realm of magic within the court. [Co-Leader]

House Lord/Lady –The Lords of the houses: Larethian, Angharradh, Eilistrae, Gadhelyn, are the nobles who support the king and queen. They serve as generals and guides, advisors and keepers of the realm. All Seldane who are members of these courts belong to one of the houses, by adoption or birth. They oversee promotion, events, WvW and dungeon runs. [Officers]

Nobles and Courtiers (Knights and Maidens) Are the heart and soul of the kingdom. They constitute all of those who strive to build up Tir Tairngire to become what Corellon Larethian hoped it would become. They are warriors and mages, rangers and guardians, thieves and engineers who drive the wheels of the court. [Veteran members: Nobles =fully active, Courtiers =RP dominant]

Myridon - Veteran soldiers, men at arms and warriors who act in service to the kingdom under command of a Lord or the Corellon. [Combat dominant players]

Artesian (Open members of the court) The common folk of the Kingdom for whom all the court exist. They are in the words of Corellon Larethian himself “the true king” of the land. Farmers, hunters, shop keeps, wayfarers, blacksmiths, teachers, they are those who drive everything in the kingdom [New Players]

Herald (Representatives from other lands) The allied beings of other kingdoms who come to the court as friends. They bring aid and strength of arms to the court and help in her mission in this new world. [other guild reps]

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